Good morning, sunshine

We begin and end with a contemplation: how to elucidate the delicate pleasures of half a bottle of decent Sauvignon Blanc followed by a Valium… Just one pill, mind you. And just before bedtime. The purpose of which was to chase away the demon anxieties that crowded the bed the night before.

bed in the a.m.

Today I awoke with a sense of lightness and delight — that blessed little diazepam worked its magic last night without leaving me with a headache or laziness the way some of daddy’s other little helpers can. The wretch of bad sleep that dominated the night before slipped away last night, leaving only lingering sulfite twitters on the back of my tongue as the sun rose this Monday morning in bright brilliant stripes.

As Meryl Streep so magnificently emoted in The Devil Wears Prada: “That’s all.”

Just wanted to mention it.

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