Nothing but Choices

Election season offers a smorgasbord of crazy. (One of the fringe benefits of living in California.)

Therewith, further evidence that our politics have become yet more theatre of the absurd: Some of the 2016 candidates for US Senate, eager to represent California.

I thoroughly encourage you to check out their websites. But I’m not crazy enough to link to them from here.


Caitlyn Jenner and The Matrix?


I won’t do nothing. Now that’s a platform.


Well. He makes an interesting point.


Already proclaimed herself president. Of crazy talk.


She seems like a decent person and she has a well thought-out acronym. (And granted, a candidate’s statement costs $25 a word.) But with the minimalist statement and Bess Truman look, I couldn’t resist including her.

A Poem for Friday the 13th

Woke up on the wrong side of the morning today. Between the alarm clock and daylight, dreams of troubling weirdness: a financial advisor in a hazmat suit, my husband proclaiming his love for a stranger who’s picture is on the refrigerator (there are no photos, except for one of us).

Tried to book a flight — a continuing saga from 2 hours wasted time last night.

Failed to respect, guard and defend my morning writing time; went right to my ‘paying the rent’ work, instead.

Big mistake.

That leaves me here, 10 am, with a hole in my brain and no plane ticket, looking at video of two hour TSA lines on the web.

The gashing sound of silence is the absence of anyone giving a shit. 

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