Cleaning past

Doing my best to drag the weekend out. Napping helps extend the day. Counter lunches help – first at Chez Maman late on Good Friday then Delfino Saturday afternoon after cleaning out the past.

Tossing old unnecessary memorabilia from boxes marked “journal” helps. Winnowing down the scraps of the past, reducing the cubic footage of air taken up by those remnants helps.

A successful delving into the recipe clippings helps: Saturday’s dinner of pork in ad hoc bbq sauce, lemon quinoa and braised broccoli yielded a successful assemblage perfected by a serendipitous discovery in the wine aisle at Whole Foods: Phantom, a blend of Petite Sirah, old vine Zin and Cab France that coats your tongue with an adult sort of candy. It was just compensation for Friday night’s dinner of cornichons, olives and a remnant wedge of Point Reyes Blue.

Sometimes that’s all it takes: a very simple confrontation of things that once were, and are now no longer dangerous.

Gerbera daisies and a glass of Bogle 'Phantom'

Gerbera daisies and a glass of Bogle 'Phantom'

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