The passage of Proposition 8 in California will rewrite the state Constitution with a bitter pen of fear and loathing. What it will not do is change what is true.1) Arvin and I were legally married on Oct 25. Period.

2) The law cannot suppress forever what the heart knows is true.

Prop 8 will create a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage in California is between a man and woman only. We have already proven that to be false: our unification ceremony in Palm Springs was entirely legal. Arvin and I are legally married. Can the will of a certain sect of people nullify something that already exists? (The infinite powers of the Vatican notwithstanding.)

If necessary, I say let that 50-odd% of the people keep their term marriage. Do I really want to take part in an institution that has a 50% failure rate and comes with it the baggage of constantly fearing for its permanence because of invisible outside threats?Those 50+% can keep their sanctimony. I, on the other hand, will preserve the true sanctity of my commitment.

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